Applying for a fellowship

Applicants should submit a short CV together with a summary of the project and materials they propose to work on, and the expected publications or other outcomes (the summary should be maximum two sides of A4). Applications should demonstrate a serious research interest that focuses on primary source material within the collections held at Durham. Applicants who plan to collaborate with Durham academic or collections staff are especially welcome and should mention this in their application. There is no need to identify a particular fellowship scheme when applying; the selection committee will decide which scheme is most appropriate, though applicants can highlight one if they wish.

Applicants must consult with the relevant collections staff to ensure that the materials they wish to work with are available at the times of their visit. This is particularly important in the case of the Oriental Museum, the Cathedral Library and Ushaw Library, all of which have limited opening hours.

 This is especially important for applicants:

  • whose research projects may require access to a large number of objects, books or archives
  • who are interested in the materiality of collections or items
  • who wish to be considered for the Lendrum Fellowships in Book History
  • who wish to be considered for the Lord Crewe’s Charity Fellowships.


For these areas of research, we strongly recommend that applicants consult relevant collections staff to discuss the practicalities of their research project and their proposed dates of research before applying.  If this has not been possible, we may need to ask applicants for further information before assessing their application.

There will be five fellowship intakes throughout the academic year, lasting for four weeks each:

October = 14 October – 8 November 2024

November = 18 November – 13 December 2024

February = 24 February – 21 March 2025

May = 28 April – 23 May 2025

June = 2 June – 27 June 2025

Applicants should indicate their preferred dates. They should also indicate to which university department(s) and/or research centres their research most relates. Applications should be submitted by noon on Wednesday 4 September 2024.  We shall aim to notify successful candidates by mid-September 2024

Fellows will be granted an honorarium of £2,000 per month towards their transport and subsistence costs. A small number of PhD bursaries may be available to the value of £600. Please note that fellows will be expected to arrange their own travel and accommodation.

Those who have previously held fellowships are eligible to apply again after three years have elapsed since their previous award. Please note that the maximum times an individual can be awarded a fellowship is on three occasions, or the equivalent of three months, over a period of 10 years.

Recipients of all fellowships are expected to be in continuous residence in Durham and to participate in and make a contribution to the intellectual life of the University.  This may include an informal talk, other event or blog post about their research, as part of museum or special collections engagement programmes.

Academic Enquiries: Dr James Kelly

[email protected]

Please send applications to Barbara Jackson, Research Co-ordinator

[email protected]

Information about the collections can be found here